Hello, bienvenue – or as we say in our beloved hometown of Sheffield, alright love.

We’re Justine and Vicky, two creative Aspies from Sheffield, England, both recently diagnosed in our 40s. We’re writing to you from a rather special place called ‘Studio Faire’ in the South of France, where we’ve come on a residency to launch this exciting new project.

Big thanks to our congenial Scottish hosts, Julia and Colin and their lovely Labradors, Becca and Dougie, for their fine hospitality and support. And to Colin for some of the wonderful photography on this site.

Here’s a podcast intro from us both recorded at the wonderful Studio Faire, and for further info about the blog and us, check out the About page.

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Watch the video mentioned in the podcast: Human Neurodiversity Should Be Celebrated, Not Treated as a Disorder | Op-Ed | NowThis