Vic, Jac and Juzza discuss some of the early signs from their childhoods that they may be a bit ‘different’ – strengths and differences. Topics covered include autistic difficulties in forging early social relationships (especially with other girls – are dinner ladies and boys preferable?!); Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, dyslexia and executive dysfunction; hyper-focus and ASD; autistic strengths of noticing detail and taking things literally.


1.25 Introductions to each of the wonderfully wired women.

4.30 Early difficulties forging relationships, especially with other girls (Jac)

7.00 Naive honesty about how own interests may be perceived (and how this doesn’t always help forge social relationships as a child!) (Jac)

7.30 Is forging relationships with boys easier if you are an autistic girl? (Clearer upfront rules of engagement – kick this ball hard, and you’re in!) (Jac)

8.29 My parents thought I was just quirky and strange (Jac)

9.45 My early difficulties and anxiety around learning. (Vic)

11.00 What do we mean by executive dysfunction? (Vic)

11.36 Hyper-focus as a strength of ADD and Autism on our areas of special interest (Vic)

12.13 Early childhood survival strategy for Autism – make friends with the dinner ladies and older people! (Juzza)

13.00 Strength of autism – seeing the world differently, even in infant school. (Juzza)

13.50 Taking things literally and the baffling confused logic of grown ups (especially around the Father Christmas narrative!)

14.30 Metaphor and autism (Jac)

16.35 Autistic strength – taking notice of the detail (Jac)

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