… and plenty of other diverse stuff too. (Us autistic/dyslexic folk aren’t called divergent thinkers for nothing!) Vic, Jac and Juzza talk over each other at pace on a range of topics including: masking, what triggered us to look into an autism diagnosis, ‘coming out’, dyslexic sensitivity, cognitive empathy, and being around others on the spectrum – ‘the joy of being naturally you.’

Podcast autistic masking and other things…


0.25 Is there a social expectation for girls and women to be naturally social? (Jac)

1.07 Autistic connection to the natural world from an early age (Jac)

3.40 Does being autistic make you more likely to be the ‘third wheel’ in a relationship? (Jac)

4.45 What triggered me into looking into an autism diagnosis – flies are sweet. (Jac)

6.48 What triggered Vic into looking into an autism diagnosis in later life – a BOGOFF diagnosis from Juzza! (Vic)

7.40 The feeling of falling short of the expectations of others. (Vic)

7.55 ‘Coming out’ autistic (Vic)

8.46 Auditory sensitivity and my grammar tick (Jac)

10.52 The dyslexic sensitivity of being corrected (Vic)

11.08 Attention to detail and spikey profiles (Vic)

11.34 Setting yourself high standards and pushing yourself to balance your intellect with rusty tools. (Vic)

12.00 Do autistic people lack empathy? (Jac)

13.16 Cognitive empathy (Jac)

14.34 Arrogance (Jac)

14.50 The joy of being around others on the spectrum (all)

16.54 Be my babel fish – an autistic strategy for coping with meetings. (Juzza)