ADD/ADHD/Attention Deficit

#1. ‘How to ADD’ YouTube channel/series. Recommended by Vicky

By far the most comprehensive resources for ADHD that I’ve come across, (and in bite-sized bursts!) is the brilliant – How to ADHD – from Jessica McCabe. Jessica is an inspiration to me. She’s also a fine example of what the ADHD brain can do when engaged and focused. Jessica is self-taught and the channel is a labour of love for her and her partner. There are so many wonderful, helpful and hit-the-nail-on-the head videos to watch there. A great place to start is – How to Explain ADD

#2. Attention Different podcast series – Recommended by Vicky

My favourite podcast series on ADHA is – Attention Different from young entrepreneurial ADHDers, Aaron Smith and Stephen Tonti. The pair are informative and chatty and each episode is an ideal listen if you’re off for a quick run or walk. Both are rather interestingly ADHD coaches, helping people leverage and make the best of the positive sides to having ADHD (and yes, there definitely are positives). They also have a YouTube channel. On checking out their website, I realised that Stephen did a Ted Talk I watched years ago that resonated with me. I remembered his opening about all the different things he was and how he’d tried a lot of different things. As a fellow dopamine seeking missile, I could relate!

Two of the best, most informative podcasts in the serious are the ones with Diann Wingerts, a late diagnosis female entrepreneur and ADHD coach with some great insights. They are Late to the ADHD Party with Diann Wingert and Thriving with ADHD with Diann Wingert.

#3. ADHD: A Changing Diagnosis Discussion (various doctors and professionals) Recommended by Vicky

Rick Green (Canadian comedian, satirist, actor, and writer) and a range of specialist doctors discuss some of the latest issues and topics around ADD. I found this an interesting listen, particularly Green’s analogy of being tall and not knowing it! But also, the contrast between his knowledge as an insider, and the doctors who come from an outside perspective. Click here to watch the video ADHD: A changing diagnosis.

#4. The ‘Unofficial’ ADHD Test for Adults – Rick Green. Recommended by VIcky

Rick Green again with a fun but informative look at some of the typical behaviours and thinking seen in people with ADD/ADHD. Useful for anyone wondering if they, or someone they love, has ADD (and for anyone who likes scoring points as a way of keeping attention!) Click here watch the unofficial ADHD test for adults by Rick Green. 

#5. YouTube talks – Mark Suster talking to Kati Morton

I love this interview with Mark Suster, American entrepreneur and venture capitalist from Kati Morton, therapist and YouTube entrepreneur. I think this is a good one for adults who are questioning whether they are ADHD, or know someone who is. Mark seems like a lovely warm chap, open and generous with his insights. A great advocate and a great example of a successful ADHDer. Part 1 is an ADHD 5 minutes! and Part 2 is around 20 minutes.

#6. YouTube talks – Dr. Thomas E. Brown. Recommended by Vicky

Doc Brown is an ADHD expert and good at explaining it. As he says “This is not so much a behaviour problem, but far more a problem with the brain’s central management system.” Here are a few of his best talks.